My Top Kitchen Essentials

I think I spend more time in the kitchen than I do sleeping…this might be a problem. With all this time spent in the kitchen there are a few items I could not live without!! My glass bowls, non-stick pan, wood cutting board, dish towels, and a handheld mixer are my ride or dies.

See below for the details on my kitchen must haves!

  • Glass Bowls in multiple sizes
    • My absolute favorite ones are linked here. These Duralex Glass Bowls are durable and come in every size that you could ever need. They are a little more on the expensive side so put them on your wedding registry or birthday/holiday list!

  • The Our Place Pan or really any non-stick pan
    • The first 6-months living in our house this is truly the only pan that we used. Our stovetop did not work with our other pans so this one saved us.

  • Huge wood cutting board
    • I love this one we got from IKEA. It is huge and still looks gorgeous sitting on the counter, major plus.

  • Dish Towels
    • Yes, I do like specific towels for the kitchen. We love these waffle ones from Crate and Barrel, the actual ones we own are no longer available but these are the updated version!

  • Handheld Mixer
    • I am obsessed with my KitchenAid Stand Mixer but I usually gravitate towards a handheld for my day-to-day recipes. I still use my grandma’s old corded KitchenAid handheld and love it – she even kept the box!! But when that one takes a dive – I will be upgrading to this bad boy.
    • Handheld mixers are great for mixing batters, shredding chicken, and making frosting – I truly use it for everything.

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