My name is Haley!

I’m the girl behind "Brunchin with Blondie!" I started Brunchin with Blondie as a place for me to share food that not only nourishes your body but your mind and soul too! My goal is for all of us to cultivate a positive mindset about food and to feel confident in the kitchen. 

Hi friends!

I'm a small-town Minnesota girl living in a “bigger” city in Iowa (Iowa City). I graduated from the University of Iowa with a Health and Human Physiology – Health Promotion degree. During my time at Iowa – my interest for the health and wellness space grew which led me to receive my Group Fitness Instructor, Health Education, and Wellness Coaching certifications.

Foodie History: I have been obsessed with the kitchen since I was a little girl. I grew up baking with my mom and grandma at all times of the day cooking everything and anything - most recipes included lots of butter and sugar --yummy, I know. In my childhood home, the kitchen was a place to gather, tell deep stories, and make good food. I started Brunchin with Blondie to share my recipes that I learned when I was young girl and to share new ones that I have created on my own with a sprinkle and splash of "nutrient dense ingredients". Along with the yummy recipes, my intention with Brunchin with Blondie is to provide you the resources and education to feel good in the kitchen without the food guilt and strict diets. I want everyone’s kitchen to be a safe and comforting space to allow you to fuel your mind, body, and soul.

Mental Health: From time to time, you will hear me speak on mental health and my current journey with managing stress and anxiety. I believe that taking care of your mental health is incredibly important and needs to be talked about. My favorite ways to de-stress are long walks with the dogs, baking chocolate chip cookies, and watching Friends (the show).

My Fam: Last July, I married a very special person, everyone meet Trevor! He might make an appearance from time to time but he enjoys staying out of the camera. Don’t worry though, you will be seeing the two poodles all the time – they are the best!!! Meet Theo (white) and Benny (golden)!

Most Importantly: Thank you for being here! I am so excited to grow this community, support one another, and laugh along with way!

Small town soul, big time dreamer

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