My coffee cart essentials

For all the coffee & espresso lovers,

Coffee is one of top three favorite beverages — the other two are milk and water. 😉 Don’t come at me about the milk, it’s a Jensen thing. Okay back to the coffee. Below you will find my go-to coffee cart essentials and some that are on my wish list. Past the graphic will be the links to the products. Eeeek! Let’s get caffeinated.

Espresso Essentials

  • Espresso machine – this is a mini Nespresso machine -> we love it ! They have a lot of advanced options but for us who only make them 1-2x a week it’s the perfect size. Here are the pods we order.
  • Nespresso Frother – okay this frother is worth all the hype. It does both warm and cold froth all while being super quiet.
    • Budget friendly frother – Most of these items on this list were gifted to us by beautiful friends and family for our wedding. So before the big wedding day, this was the frother I used for everything! I loved it so much I even gifted my dad one. He uses his to mix his morning superbeets.
  • Glass Mugs – MY FAVORITE MUGS. They are double-walled which means your hands will be burn free.
  • Coffee Cart canisters – I don’t actually own these, we have some thrifted ones that I obviously can’t link but if I were to spend money on containers it would be these two. The medium and large sized – one for ground coffee and the other one for nespresso pods.

Espresso Wants

  • Tall and short espresso cups – I mean.. look at how cute these are. I was at a fancy Italian restaurant this past winter and they serve espresso in a tiny espresso cup for after dinner and ever since then I have been obsessed with them, they are just so adorable. Also, if I can mimic the vibe of an old fancy Italian restaurant at home then I think I have made it.

Black Coffee Essentials

  • Coffee maker – Trevor actually picked this out! For black coffee enthusiasts that needs coffee quick and delicious – check this one out! It makes 12 cups, has a reusable filter, and cleans easy.
  • Black matte coffee mugs – And Joanna does it again. These are often out of stock so keep your eyes peeled.

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